Battlefield Heroes Scripts

Action Battlefield Heroes is set to struggle in the network. Players are given the opportunity to embody the soldier of one of the two opposing teams. Players also receive a lot of interesting battlefield heroes hacks which are available on our website. The objective of both teams is to subjugate the entire field of battle - either by getting the opponents flag, or by killing more opponents. These events occur in a few small, stylized locations of World War II maps. The effective extermination of enemies is a wide arsenal of weapons - from knives to rocket launchers - supported additionally by land vehicles, as well as from air. During the game, the soldiers can use in addition to battlefield heroes hacks, their own special abilities and boosts. Proves to be useful character development system that allows players to interfere in the ability and the characteristics of the characters through battlefield heroes cheats, new costumes and weapons. The distinguishing feature of BF Heroes of other network shootings is unusual, cartoony visuals.

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  • OldSchoolHack Fusion 1.1.7
  • Battlefield Heroes Aimbot / Wallhack / ESP
  • Phx esp
  • Battlefield Heroes All Items Hack
  • ManuBot 1.0
  • BFH Aimbot
  • Public Heroes ESP v1.0
  • BF:Heroes Hack v1
  • Simple Dot ESP v1.1
  • honey-aimbot-bfh-2.1.1
  • BFH-Hack v3
  • TNTHax v3.5 BETA
  • BFH dizleFramework v1.1
  • TNTHax FrameWork V10.1 - Aimbot
  • Simple BFH D3D
  • UnKnoWnHack v3.6.5
  • HanoBot For BFH
  • PASTAHax
  • TIGER's ESP v1.1
  • PastaAim
  • .

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