Combat Arms Scripts

Combat Arms is a shooting war American company is for online gaming, and other representatives of the FPS genre makes it stand out the fact that for its use does not have to pay any fees. Production allows customers portrayal trained soldiers and turning struggles in two different modes. Before logging in to the CA server, each user can download combat arms hacks and customize your soldier, defining the look and possession of weapons. It is possible to include modify the effectiveness of guns with extra magazines, scopes, silencers, etc. Specialised spare borrow or wins the tournament even with combat arms hacks, and the number guns susceptible to tuning, more than 30. Authors shooter also care to facilitate the players to the management teams. With a few clicks clan leader can recruit new fighters and communicate with those who have already combat arms cheats on your hard drive. All this in order to focus on the fight and advance to new levels of experience.

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  • CA EU&NA Hack by NeoIII
  • CombatArms Public by NeoIII
  • Combat Arms GORDON Hack 1.5.5 v2
  • CShell.dll
  • Frostbyte 1.3 Hack
  • CA EU Public hack
  • Flameswor10 Pub [v4.4]
  • DD AC CAEU v5
  • Combat Arms Cleaner V2
  • CA File Cleaner
  • BOSCHACK return
  • Frantic 2.3
  • Dumped Engine CShell.dll 12202010 CANA
  • Rejection v1.2
  • Dean-Wingess CA Touchsource
  • Gellin base CaBase V3
  • MrSkafighters Menu Pub 1.7
  • CodeDemons PTC Tester
  • Hans & Gellins Base Combined
  • Game Trainer Maker 2.8

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