Counter Strike 1.5 Scripts

Counter-Strike 1.5 is a once very popular version of the extension to the first part of Half-Life. Today it is not supported, but you can still play it on LAN with your friends using the many available and running counter strike 1.5 hacks. Game rules are fairly simple: all users are divided into two teams (terrorists and anti-terrorists), and depending on some maps have to do something, while others have to stop them. Sometimes it comes to a bomb, and sometimes a reflection of the hostages. Online servers practically does not exist, and that the thousands of players who routinely used a counter strike 1.5 cheats, because there was no anti cheat security.

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  • CDHack CD Disabler 4.33.4b
  • Liquid-ogc-X
  • [H]ondz_Priv_Tweak
  • 4c!d-ClanHackv1.0
  • @g3n7 H@ck new
  • [X]tra [P]ublic v1.0
  • [X-HACK] vJ Binairy v2.5
  • -=] DeViL Alpha Hook [=-
  • -=]GFC[=-HaCk v1
  • -]YmB[ 2.0
  • -[MHz]-Priv_Tweak_v2
  • _.-]ReD BuLL[-._ v1
  • -_]A[_-HooKv[1].1
  • [x][HoOk]-LEAKED BY [DeAgLe][MoRpHeUs]
  • [slay0r-X]_Private
  • [P]rivate[R] [T]wea[K] v1.6
  • [oC][liquid-fx]
  • [KL]killaTweak_V1.2
  • -]OsH[-CheEzy_priv
  • [Luzifers H4cK]

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