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We moved to - maybe in future we come back here, to this blog.gplus

On the website you will find a massive database of best video game cheats. You don't have to look around the internet to search multiplayer hacks! You have the ability to quickly download what you're looking for. In the menu on the right side appears very clear list of multiplayer cheats games. Simply select the appropriate category and downloading hacks.

Visit my new website:
The order of files, what and how.
*In the first place are newest cheats (sometimes with image or video). On any list of games are 20 or almost 20 hacks. If we add new, 20th hack go to archive. You will find older cheats in our archive.

The list contains multiplayer scripts for various game genres.
Among other things, popular FPS and MMORPG. Our cheats will allow you
to get the highest goals in your favorite online game. tracker Often give a lot of fun :).
What makes us different? Simplicity... Each user is able to navigate through the website.
Good website:

# Note (Requirements):
For proper operation hacks, install:
- C++ 2005 Redistributable
- C++ 2008 Redistributable
- C++ 2010 Redistributable
- .Net framework 3.5
- .Net framework 4.0

Remember: Some multiplayer hacks work in OpenGL mode or only on win7/xp.
Also you should carefully read the instructions.

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